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Nymph's Champions is a Castle Age Monster fighting group dedicated to having a good strong team that works together, takes turns summoning monsters with their fellow members, follows the rules set in place to make it fair and easy for all, and (the most important thing) have as much fun killing monsters and getting as much loot as possible!!!

Nymph’s Champions started on September 18, 2009 about a week after the creator starting playing Castle Age. Since she found that she completely loved the game for that week she had been trying out Castle Age groups and found out that the other groups were a little too crazy and disorganized with little to no interaction with the administrators … So she started helping the new castle age friends she was making by posting calls to arms for everyone's dragons and telling people how much help was needed. Just plain helping everyone out.

Then a friend of hers messaged one day … "Why don't you make a castle age fighting group?". She was shocked and a bit intrigued by the idea so … On September 24, 2009 the Nymph's Champions group was officially created.

Nymph's Champions turned out to be a big hit and we expanded at a fast pace. She turned Nymph's Champions into a private group when she realized there were about 300 members. She also noticed that they were taking down up to 10 dragons a day and still needing more. So she asked the group for volunteers to be new administrators so that they could put subgroups in place.

We started off with 4 subgroups. Tim's Terrors, David's Slayers, Nymph's Crusaders, and Andy's Avengers. We discovered that as people were leveling, even those subgroups were able to take down close to 15 dragons per day. We were very proud of our group and the rate at which we were taking on dragons and then Bosses when they came out …

And then Cronus, The World Hydra came out ….. All of the administrators decided as a team that we would need more people to help take down Cronus, The World Hydra and we decided that we needed to expand some more ….

So we decided to expand to at least 600 members and then make the group private again. We started working on getting more administrators. We now have 10 Administrators.

With our Special Monster Schedule, We schedule Monsters so that we always have some monsters up and by the time the next special day comes around, the timers will have reset, also.

In Nymph's Champions we work together as an organized team … this is what makes us different from the other groups … We do not control but instead we make sure that everyone takes turns so that all of us a chance to have a monster taken down …

We rely heavily on Member responses and cooperation so that things are easy and fun for both members AND Administrators alike. We have a core group of loyal, helpful, and friendly members and the Nymph's Champions Rules help us to keep it that way … if you feel that you would rather not be a part of our group then we will hate to see you go but you are welcome to leave Nymph's Champions.

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