Nymph's Champions Administrators

We have 10 very helpful Nymph's Champions Administrators … Each with their own specific job, that they have willingly volunteered to be responsible for coordinating for maximum Monster killing and Maximum Loot.

These wonderful people take the time to make sure that they can provide Nymph's Champions Members with Monsters to slay as much as they can just because they have a love of Castle Age and want Nymph's Champions Members to be able to get the most out of every summoned monster.

They do not have to work as hard as they do but they do anyway! Thank you to all of our Nymph's Champions Administrators!!

The Life and Times of a Nymph's Champions Administrator



New Member Concierge
Back Up Coordinator

"I'm the Head Administrator? Woo Hoo!"
Nymph's Administrative Assistant
Head of Administrators
Medium Level Boss (Keira, the Dread Knight/Mephistopheles) Coordinator

Deathrune Campaign & Battle of the Dark Legion Coordinator

Jackie M
"What do you mean another NEW World Monster?"
Genesis, The Earth Elemental Coordinator

"Just don't call me Peppermint."
Lizard (Dragons/Serpents/Cronus, the World Hydra) Coordinator

High Level Boss (Skaar Deathrune/Lotus Ravenmoore) Coordinator

Ragnarok, The Ice Elemental Coordinator

Back Up Coordiantor

Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon Coordinator

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