Ancient Red Serpent

If you can summon a Dragon or Serpent, contact: Patti

Summoned by: Receive 1 Respective Color Serpent Egg from Castle Age Friends. Go to the Keep/Alchemy tab and there will be a recipe that contains 1 Respective Color Serpent Egg to fight an Emerald Serpent. The battle begins immediately and can only be joined by 50 players total (all in the same army as the summoner).


Health: 8,900,000 - 9,300,000
Time: 72 hours
Max Players: 50
Min Level: 76

Common/Uncommon Drops:
Favor Points
Demi Points

Rare Drops:
Atlantean Sword
Demonic Armor
Berserker Plate
Holy Shield

Epic Drops:
Atlantean Helm
Atlantean Gauntlet
Atlantean Map Piece (1 of 4)
Rune Axe
Wolf Spirit
Moonfall Mace
Sun Blade

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