If you have yourself signed up for Arena make sure to let your subgroup administrators know HERE ….

Marc's Arena Strategy

Minimum level to participate in Arena is level 80 so if you are not there yet, you still have time!

Marc's Arena Strategy

Arena Rules

- Win Battles on Arena Page to earn Arena Points
- Each Battle requires 5 Stamina
- Your character will be automatically healed periodically and summoned forth into battles, even if you are not logged on
- Your rank will be given to you at the end of each day
- Your rank is based on the number of Arena Points relative to all other Arena participants
- The higher your Opponent's Rank relative to yours, the more Arena Points you receive for winning
- Opponents of lower rank will yield fewer Arena Points per win and also result in more Arena Points lost per loss
- At the end of each day, you will be awarded a rank relative to all Arena participants
- Your current rank at the end of the Arena season will determine your final rank and your rewards
- You will receive rewards for your rank as well as all ranks below it

Note: Once you opt into the Arena, you will not be able to leave the Arena until the end of the season so please read the rules and disclaimer. If you have yourself signed up for Arena make sure to let your subgroup administrators know HERE ….

Arena Guard Information


Your Arena Guard will give you advantages while battling in Arena. Your Arena Guard will not provide any benefits outside of Arena. Each Arena Guard will stay with you for 24 hours.

Arena Guard Classes

When Arena Guard members join you, you collect cumulative boosts to your base stats.

Knight (Less Gold Lost from Defeats)
- Knights are the mainstay of any army. Able to hold their own while protecting the weak, Knights embody the true qualities of a warrior.

Cleric (+2 Defense to Player)
- Clerics are known best for the their holy powers that restore health and cleanse ailments from the body. Clerics are vital for any team.

Warrior (+2 Attack to Player)
- Warriors often do not get enough credit on the battlefield but their physical prowess and ferocity in fights is rarely matched.

Rogue (Gain More Gold from Victories)
- Rogues are masters of agility and ambush, able to take down their foes before they know what hit them.

Hunter (Chance for Extra Arena Points from Victories)
- Hunters often prefer to setup traps and take down their enemies from distance, thus limiting the amount of effort it takes to win.

Sage (Increased XP from Victories)
- Though most might mistake Sages as weak and frail adversaries, their wealth of knowledge in the magical arts makes them useful allies in battle.

Paladin (+5 Defense to Player)
- The epitome of holy knighthood, Paladins put their own lives on the line to defend those weaker themselves. They are truly selfless individuals.

Mage (+5 Attack to Player)
- Mages are capable of destroying entire battalions of troops with a few utterances of magical incantations.

Blood Knight (Greater Chance for Extra Arena Points from Victories)
- Blood Knights often draw upon an enemies life energy to increase their own power and attack in battles, often leading to easy battles.

Champion (Chance for Less Arena Points Lost from Defeats)
- Champions, though rare, are powerful warriors able to dispatch multiple foes without breaking a sweat.


Rank Title Reward Reward Picture
arena_rank1.gif Brawler (Top 81% - 100%) 3x Stamina Potion [20a/30d] potion_stamina.jpg
arena_rank2.gif Swordsman (Top 61% - 80%) Swordsmans Plate [25a/12d] swordsmansplate.jpg
arena_rank3.gif Warrior (Top 41% - 60%) Warriors Insignia [18a/12d] warriorsinsignia.jpg
arena_rank4.gif Gladiator (Top 21% - 40%) Gladiators Strength [25a/12d] gladiatorsstrength(1).jpg
arena_rank5.gif Hero (Top 6% - 20%) Zarevoks Meat Cleaver [44a/22d] zarevoksmeatcleaver.jpg
arena_rank6.gif Legend (Top 0% - 5%) Genesis, The Earth Elemental [100a/100d] genesis.jpg
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