Bahamut The Volcanic Dragon

Please make sure to check Our World Monster Rules and the Special Monster Schedule before requesting to summon.

If you can summon a Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon, contact: David

Summoned by: Must be level 80 to summon … Receive 1 of each Volcanic Egg from Castle Age Friends. Go to the Keep/Alchemy tab and there will be a recipe that contains 1 of each Volcanic Egg to fight. The battle begins immediately and can only be joined by 110 players total (DOES NOT have to be in the same army as the summoner).


Needed to Summon:
Level 80+
1 1 of 4 Volcanic Dragon Egg
1 2 of 4 Volcanic Dragon Egg
1 3 of 4 Volcanic Dragon Egg
1 4 of 4 Volcanic Dragon Egg

Do Not Post a Call to Arms till:
144 hours left or
all 150+ attackers slots have been filled

Health: ~1,000,000
Time-to-Kill: 7 Days (168 hours)
Max Players: 110
Level Requirement: 80+

Common/Uncommon Drops:

Favor Points
Demi Points

Rare Chance Drops:

Burning Blade
Lavareign Axe
Inferno Shield
Blazerune Ring
Blazerune Necklace
Hellkite Minion

Epic Chance Drops:

Volcanic Helm
Hellforge Plate
Hellforge Gauntlets

Epic Summoner Drops:


Siege Weapons:

Weapon Needed Asists Estimated Damage
catapult.gif Catapult 30 7,986,000
ballista.gif Ballista 60 9,982,500
fireball.gif FireBall 90 11,979,000
silverlightangels.gif Silverlight Angels 120 14,520,000
phoenix.gif Phoenix 200 18,150,000


When you first "Enter the Battle", They ask you to "Choose a Class" … This Class is Very Important …. You must make a team effort to make sure there are equal fighters of each class …


Warriors …

  • Does Basic Damage to Bahamut

Rogues ….

  • Helps keep Bahamut from healing itself

Mages …

  • Helps Block Bahamut's attack


  • Heals the Party

All Classes can still attack Bahamut same as always the abilities are just more.

You will get special TIMED COUNTER-ATTACKS that will block a blow that will cause an Incrementing CATASTROPHIC amount of Damage to the Party Health or Heal Bahamut for a good amount of health ….


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