Battle of the Dark Legion

Please make sure to check Our World Monster Rules and the Special Monster Schedule before requesting to summon.

If you can summon a Battle of the Dark Legion, contact: Chris

Summoned by: Receive 1 Angelic Blessing, 1 Heroes Resolve and 2 Castle Ramparts from Castle Age Friends. Go to the Keep/Alchemy tab and there will be a recipe that contains 1 Angelic Blessing, 1 Heroes Resolve and 2 Castle Ramparts to fight. The battle begins immediately and can only be joined by 130 players total (DOES NOT have to be in the same army as the summoner).


Needed to Summon:
1 Angelic Blessing
1 Heroes Resolve
2 Castle Ramparts

Do Not Post a Call to Arms till:
144 hours left or
all 90+ attackers slots have been filled

Health: ~100,000 Orcs killed.
Time-to-Kill: 7 Days
Max Players: 130 max
Level Requirement: 50+

Common/Uncommon Drops:
Favor Points
Demi Points

Rare Drops:
Atlantean Mace
Angelic Sentinel
Oathkeeper [Alchemy]
Demonic Armor
Atlantean Shield [Alchemy]

Epic Drops:
Defender [Alchemy]
Paladin's Oath [Alchemy]
Holy Gauntlets [Alchemy]
Pauldrons of Light [Alchemy]
Dragon Talon [Helm of Dragon Power/Alchemy]
Dragon Scale [Helm of Dragon Power/Alchemy]

Epic Summoner Drops:

Siege Weapons:

Weapon Needed Asists Estimated Damage
dwarvenallies.gif Dwarven Allies 10 3,000,000
archerallies.gif Archer Allies 20 4,500,000
elvenallies.gif Elven Allies 50 6,000,000
Knight Allies 100 9,000,000
Paladin Allies 200 12,000,000
Legendary Heroes 300 15,000,000


FORTIFY, then ATTACK. If your Castle Defense is zero, you cannot attack. If your Castle Defense is full, you do extra damage. A higher player Defense stat will allow you to fortify for more health. When the Legion is first summoned there is a portion of the Castle Defense that will be grey. As players join the battle, your max castle defense will increase and completely fill the bar.

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