Boss Rules

Check Special Monster Schedule for days that we summon bosses.

Also check out the Boss Information …..

Please let your subgroup administrator know if you have have signed up to summon a Boss.

Once you defeat a boss a 72 hour timer begins before you can summon another one. When signing up to summon a Boss make sure that you have not summoned any other bosses the three days prior to signing up and DO NOT summon until the coordinator for that boss asks you to.

When you sign up to summon a Boss the administrator for that Boss will contact you ONLY when you have been chosen to summon. Please make sure to follow their instructions.


The main days we summon Bosses are Mondays - Keira/Lotus and Thursday/Friday - Low level Bosses. Your subgroup administrator may keep a few up for you on other days but those will be the main days we summon Bosses.

If you can summon an Keira or Lotus, contact:

Your subgroup Administrator

If you can summon any other Bosses, Contact:

Chris, Nymph, Phil, or Patti

Want to see what the Bosses Drop?

Check out the Boss Information …..

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