Effective Sunday May 9, 2010

The subgroups will be disbanded, with everything going on the main Nymph’s Champions Page.

Instead of groups, the administrators will each be in charge of one or two individual monsters. You will decide which monster you need either the drops or Acheivements for, then sign up for that monster under it’s discussion thread. The administrator will then contact you when it is your turn to summon. The monster will be posted under the “Current Monsters” discussion topic. If the monster looks like it might escape, then it will be posted on the main Nymph’s Champions wall.

When you get the Acheivement or drops you are after, and want to change to another monster, you message your current administrator and let them know. Then, sign up for the new one. Your past administrator will then delete your post on the previous monster.

We will have one of each monster up at a time, unless one fills up, then, at the administrators discretion, another will be summoned and posted.

At any time, you may attack any monster you want to, but we ask that you try to concentrate on the current monster you are signed up for. After all, the more we take out, the more chance of you getting the achievement or drop you are looking for. And spreading yourself among many monsters will defeat the purpose of everyone getting what they want or need.

Every morning, one and only one message will be sent out with the current monsters, weapons links, time and life remaining, etc.

Several times a week, we will have “open monsters” where a Call to Arms will be put out right away, to try to get people to see what Nymph’s Champions is all about.

These will be the monsters the Admins will be coordinating for you …

Admin Monster
David Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon
Nancy Ragnarok, The Ice Elemental
Jackie Genesis, The Earth Elemental
Chris Deathrune Campaign & Battle of the Dark Legion
Patti LIZARDS (Dragons/Serpents/Cronus, the World Hydra)
Phil High Level Bosses (Skaar Deathrune/Lotus Ravenmoore)
Timmy Float*/Medium Level Bosses (Keira, the Dread Knight/Mephistopheles)
Nymph Float*
Debbie Float*

*Float: Will help as needed if an admin is unavailable.

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