Colossus of Terra

Please make sure to check Our Boss Rules and the Special Monster Schedule before requesting to summon.

Summoned by: Complete the boss quest in Land of Earth (Gift of Earth) and receive as a quest item, at a 50% chance per attempt, the Colossal Orb. Go to the Keep/Alchemy tab and there will be a recipe that contains only the Orb to summon the Colossus of Terra to fight. The battle begins immediately and can only be joined by 15 players total (all in the same army as the summoner).


In Nymph's Champions, We do not summon Colossus officially.

Health: ~100,000
Time Limit: 72 hours
Max Players Allowed: 15

Colossal Axe [6a/1d]
Iron Axe [3a/0d]
Star Metal [Alchemy Ingredient]
Battle Spear [2a/1d]
Tempest Crown [3a/1d]
Colossal Sword [3a/6d]
Demi Points

Epic Summoner Drops:
Colossal Armor [2a/6d]

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