Deathrune Fortress II

If you can summon a Battle of the Deathrune Campaign, contact: Chris

Summoned By: On the Battle section there is a "Raid" tab. Click "Engage" where it says "Start this Campaign". There are 2 Deathrune Campaigns: The Regular Deathrune Campaign and The Advanced Deathrune Campaign (Must be level 50 or higher). After completing the Deathrune Campaign the Battle then turns into the Death Gates battle …
The battle begins immediately and can only be joined by 100 players total (DOES NOT have to be in the same army as the summoner).


Health: 3000 Soldiers
Time: 90 Hours
Max Players Allowed: 100


For _ Battle Hearts You can create
200 Deadly Strike [2a/1d]
2000 Invulnerabilty [?a/?d]
10000 Glove: Tempered Steel [?a/?d]
25000 General: Chase

Epic Chance Drops:

Demon Strength
Wall of Fire
Dragon Talon
Atlantean Map Piece
Great Halberd
Frost Helm

Rare Chance Drops:

Atlantean Mace
Atlantean Sentinel
Demonic Armor
Atlantean Shield

Siege Weapons:

Catapult = 300 Kills = 75 assists



Battle other players to defeat the raid. You can toggle "dueling" or "invading" the other players and we also suggest that you look threw the list of people to attack they will automatically give you the beginning of the list but that is where everyone will be looking and it'll be easier for you to get a hit on people if you aren't fighting the same person as the other 99 attackers. You get all the benefits of attacking other players and you also get Demi points when attacking even after you have gotten your 10 Demi points a day for each Demi power.

The Raid Map shows you how many people are in your "raid" and how many people you have left to kill in the raid.

After completing the Deathrune Campaign the Battle then turns into the Death Gates battle …

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