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The Administrator/Coordinator for this subgroup is Deb

In this group our younger Champions (ages 17 or younger) will be able to fight the good fight without all the distraction of the adult world! Parents will have to invite their children to the subgroup but do not have to stay. We do need some way to contact the parents in case there is a problem with your child that needs to be addressed!

Make your parents proud, Kids!!!

There will be no swearing or cursing in this group.

Only Parents and Administrators are allowed in this group other than the kids.

There will be NO ADULT CONTENT other than having our parents around.

The rules for this subgroup are the same as for Nymph's Champions and also includes no teasing hair pulling or bad mouthing each other.

Parents: If you do decide to stay in the group you are required to make your kids proud also , be a good example, and try not to embarrass them too much!!!

*Note: We cannot control everything but we will do our best to monitor everything in this group.

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