DemiPower: Azeron
Reward DemiPoints
favorpoint.jpg Favor point 100
demiquest.jpg Demi Quest 200
energypotion.gif Energy Potion 300
avengerplatemail.jpg Avenger Platemail [1a/5d] 400
favorpoint.jpg Favor point 500
demiquest.jpg Demi Quest 600
energypotion.gif Energy Potion 750
avengeramulet.jpg Avenger Amulet [5a/2d] 900
favorpoint.jpg Favor point 1050
energypotion.gif Energy Potion 1200
demiquest.jpg Demi Quest 1300
avengersoath.jpg Avengers Oath [5a/4d] 1500
favorpoint.jpg Favor point 1650
energypotion.gif Energy Potion 1800
demiquest.jpg Demi Quest 2000
cowloftheavenger.jpg Cowl of the Avenger [12a/7d] 2200
favorpoint.jpg Favor point 2400
energypotion.gif Energy Potion 2600
demiquest.jpg Demi Quest 2800
bladeofvengeance.jpg Blade of Vengeance [17a/15d] 3100
favorpoint.jpg Favor point 3300
demiquest.jpg Demi Quest 3400
energypotion.gif Energy Potion 3600
favorpoint.jpg Favor point 3900
demiquest.jpg Demi Quest 4250
swordofredemption.jpg Sword of Redemption [50a/30d] [Best Armor Set] 4500
favorpoint.jpg Favor point 4850
staminapotion.jpg Stamina Potion 5100
energypotion.gif Energy Potion 5500
armorofvengeance.jpg Armor of Vengeance [13a/10d] 5900
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