General Rules

We have a core group of loyal, helpful, and friendly members and these rules help us to keep it that way … if you feel that you would rather not be a part of that then you are welcome to leave Nymph's Champions.

DO NOT SUMMON a monster without the ok of one of the Nymph's Champions Administrators.


Attack the posted monsters one at a time.:

Be respectful to each other.

All members are required to:
Accept friend requests from fellow Nymph’s Champions
Join the armies of fellow Nymph’s Champions
Use the Mass Add List and Easy Add List for this purpose.

If you want help with your monsters, you must help out with other people’s monsters.
The faster we take down a monster, the more monsters we can fight.

Monsters posted on any Nymph’s Champions group or subgroup boards are for Nymph’s Champions ONLY!

Do NOT share our posted monsters with other groups.
We do not mind if you are in other groups just please do not share our officially posted monsters with other groups.
And also let your subgroup leader know if you have or will be summoning for another group so that we know also.

Every member must join a subgroup in order to have access to our summoned monsters.

Sign up for a Summoning List only when you are ready and able to summon that monster.

DO NOT create new topics on the Discussion Boards. If you have a suggestions for a new topic, there are suggestion boxes on all Nymph's Champions pages.

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