How To Get those Important Links

Ok guys I'm gonna try to make this as simple and painless as possible.

Step 1: Get your Facebook ID number

There is a Facebook Application that will conveniently give you your ID# … This application is Called ….

What is My ID?

(*Note: Clicking the name of the app will open the app in a separate page)

Once you have added this App, it will give you your ID# ….

Select and "Copy" this number …..


Step 2: Get the initial links

We are going to do this the easy way and copy links that are just missing an id # …. Just click on the tab with the links you need … select the incomplete links, right click the selection, and "copy" …. then right click and "paste" these incomplete links into the reply box of where you will be posting these links ….

Friend Add:
Castle Age Army Add:

Step 3: Personalize the Links and Post

With your ID number from Step 1, All you will have to do is "Paste" the number to the end of the links from Step 2.

*Note: Make sure there are NO SPACES between the “=“ and your ID number!!! (In the Siege link you will be replacing the "#######" with your ID number.

And then send out your post …

And you are done!!!!!

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