How to get your monster link.

Getting your Monster Link …

Step 1: Get the initial links

We are going to do this the easy way and copy links that are just missing an id # ….

There are 3 different Monster links so make sure to make the right one …

Typical Dragon/Serpent Link

Boss Link

World Monster Link

so select the info in the box above, right click the selection, and "copy" …. then right click and "paste" these incomplete links in the reply box of where you will be posting these links ….

Step 2: Get your ID number

There is a Facebook Application that will conveniently give you your ID# … This application is Called ….

What is My ID?

(*Note: Clicking the name of the app will open the app in a separate page)

Once you have added this App, it will give you your ID# ….

Select and "Copy" this number …..


Step 3: Personalize the Links and Post

Once you have your ID number, All you will have to do is "Paste" the number over the ######## from Step 1.


*Note: Make sure there are NO SPACES between the “=“ and your ID number!!!

After adding your ID the links select them and "Copy"

Step 4:

Open the message the administrator sent telling you to summon.


Step 5:

Right click and paste the link in the reply box.


Send. And you are done! =)

After you send your link to the administrator …

The Administrator will either have you post the link on a designated discussion topic for that monster …
Or they will post it for you and let you know that it has been posted.

The Nymph's Champions administrators monitor the status of all monsters, want them to go down as much as you do and will post a notice as to the need of more people to attack.

We have a very good record of defeating the monsters and once the group's focus is on your monster it will go down very fast.

There is no need to post anywhere to attack yours … We will get to it.

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