Lotus Ravenmoore

Please make sure to check Our Boss Rules and the Special Monster Schedule before requesting to summon.

If you can summon a Skaar or Lotus, contact: Phil

Summoned by: Complete the boss quest in Undead Realm (Undead Embrace) and receive as a quest item, at a 50% chance per attempt, the Orb of Lotus. Go to the Keep/Alchemy tab and there will be a recipe that contains only the Orb to summon Lotus to fight. The battle begins immediately and can only be joined by 15 players total (all in the same army as the summoner).


In Nymph's Champions, We have no damage limit on Lotus at this time, but we do appreciate it you only attack a Lotus when you have either at least 200 Attack and/or Stamina. Or can do at least 1,000,000 damage in one sitting. She is a tough cookie to crack and we want to start taking her down quick.

Health: 10,000,000 - 12,500,000
Time Limit: 48 hours
Max Players Allowed: 15

Common/Uncommon Drops:
Favor Points
Demi Points

Rare Drops:
Demonic Mask
Demonic Armor
Demonic Sword
Greater Fireball
Holy Shield

Epic Drops:
Raven Cloak
Death Touch Gauntlet [12a/12d] [Best Armor Set]
Demon Strength [Alchemy]
Berserker Amulet
Wolf Spirit
Rune Axe

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