Marc S Arena Strategy

Marc's Arena Strategies

Before committing to an invasion or a duel, i do these.
1. i look for a high-level arena ranking person (Gladiator, Hero, Legend, etc).
2. i then look at his level (to the right of his name). see if it's a bit too high.
3. i look at the size of his army

4. if really necessary, i right-click on his name and click on "Open link in new tab". (this allows me, without losing the Arena page where he/she's listed, to view how many generals he has and most especially his Castle Age Rank ("Earl", "Duke", etc.).

for Internet Explorer, the process is right-click on his name and click on "Open in new tab".

[after viewing his Castle age profile, you have to close that CURRENT tab. if you attack him/her there, it will be just a regular attack… totally outside the Arena!]

5. i make my decision whether or not to attack or to choose another target.

for example:
target is:

Scaliwag, Level 237 Gladiator 120 (army size)

i'm currently a Warrior (coz my stamina sucks!).
following my checking procedure:
1. ARENA RANK: this guy apparently has a higher arena rank than me. so if i win, i could get more points!
2. CASTLE AGE LEVEL: this guy is level 237; i'm only level 188. but it's cool.. there are other factors to look at.
3. ARMY SIZE: he only has 120! i have 501! i have the upperhand when i invade this guy!
4. CASTLE AGE PROFILE: step #3 guarantees my win by quantity. but if i decide to really check what units/equipments/generals/rank he has, i would then right-click on his name and open that link in another tab.

[close current tab. thus, returning the tab where he was originally listed in]

5. DECISION: attack with all my might!

So, basically, that's something I came up with! ^_^
Just like in the military, scout your opponent!

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