Mass Add List

For your convienience there is a Mass Add list on the Nymph's Champions Main Page for everyone to be able to send friend requests to people in Nymph's Champions in one shot without having to do all the clicking …

If you do NOT wish to Add yourself to the Mass Add list and share your e-mail address we do have the Easy Add List that you can add yourself to instead but still utilize the Mass Add list … It makes things a little easier.

Directions for the Mass Add List

1. Select and Copy the last reply to the Mass Add list Topic.

2. Click "Reply to Topic"

3. Paste the list in the box

4. Add your email address to the end of the list. (Make sure there is a comma between the last email address on the list and your own email address. Check your personal settings. Make sure you have allowed email invites.)

5. Go to "invite friends." Located in the drop down menu when you hover on Friends in the Facebook bar at the top of your page ….

6. Paste the list into the "To:" box. AND MAKE SURE TO Add "Nymph's Champions" in the "Message" box.

7. Click Send and you are done!!!

Make sure to copy and paste the person above you and add your email to it or you WILL be left out!!!!!!

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