Nymph of Surprises

Ok guys we have a Special bot ….

Here will be her purpose …..

If she sends a message out to all of Nymph's Champions that means that she will be summoning something for people that still need it …. the details will be in the message …..

All of you that Need ….
the Dragon Scale,
the Wall of Fire,
any of the Keira drops to add her as a general,
or the Gauntlet from Lotus,
should become friends with that bot ASAP …..

Nymph of Surprises
Easy Add Friend Link
Castle Age Army Linkhttp://apps.facebook.com/castle_age/index.php?twt=inv&lka=100000582407825

When these messages go out If you do not respond withing 3-6 hours you will probably have missed out on the Special summonings

If after you respond to a message you go offline you will miss out … After responding within 1-15 minutes you will get a link to a monster or will be asked if you can summon depending on what the monster is ….

If the monster you get a link for is already killed send a message to the Nymph of Surprises and she will let you know if there is another monster or if the event is done for the time being …..

There are a lot of people that still need certain things so if you do not get a immediate response to questions please have patience …..

Any rude behavior or comments could get you immediately kicked out of Nymph's Champions ….

This is something nice that I will be doing for everyone so that we can all catch up to each other and I will not tolerate lack of appreciation, ungratefulness or disrespect.

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