Our Subgroups

The Reason Nymph's Champions Breaks down into Individual subgroups is to make it easier for the Administrators to coordinate Monster attacks. Since the subgroups have a 50 member limit, that gives the Subgroup administrators an easier time with getting in contact with people and with helping the people in their subgroups. Also with 50 people in each subgroup, it also helps with giving everyone in the subgroups equal opportunity to summon Dragons and Serpents regularly.

How to Join a Subgroup
If you are not sure which subgroup you belong in please check the Master Member List.

Make sure to respond to discussion topics for your subgroup and pay attention to the messages your subgroup leaders send out and you will be able to get the most out of Nymph's Champions!

The Subgroups ….

Tim's Terrors

David's Slayers

Phil's Firebirds

Sue-Bee's Bashers

Royal Renegades

Fighting Narnians

Jay's Juggernauts

Deb's Sprites

Also make sure to check on

Our Current Siege Weapons

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