Patti's Emeralds

The Administrator/Coordinator for this subgroup is Patti

Members of this subgroup are responsible for providing all of Nymph's Champions with Emerald Dragons on Sundays and Wednesdays.

If you are a player who is level 1-25, or a "bot" that can summon Emeralds (If you have a bot join on your main account also), or a player who needs the Dragon Talon to make their FIRST Helm of Dragon Power, then request to join Patti's Emeralds.

That way, we only need to summon enough greens for everyone to get their first helm.

Please only request to join if you fall into one of the categories above. We want everyone to have a chance at the helm. It is the best helm in the game for both attack and defense at the moment.

This way, once everyone has the helm, we can then open up the green dragon slaying to the entire group.
Also, if you still need a different piece, then message your group administrator what you need. If they can't supply the proper color dragon for whatever reason, then they can get your name to one of the other administrators to get you in on the proper color dragon when they summon one.

Current Emerald Dragons

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