Phil's Strategy

Ok folks here is the plan. Do you like boxes that have rare treasure in them? Well there is a way to do it…,……. FAST. But it needs everyone to work.

Achievements = favor points = boxes = better generals/weapons = better stats in the process.

First of all, for this to work you NEED to be friends and in the army of everyone in you subgroup. DO THIS STEP PAHLEASE!!!!!!!

Secondly, we will keep a total of 4 serpents/dragons up (yes that’s a total it doesn’t matter if its 1 dragon or 3 serpents or 3 dragons 1 serpent) you must check the current serpent and dragon discussions for this. If there is less than 4 up summon one and post it.
Posting is very easy. Go to How to get your link to your summoned monster, and follow the instructions.
Then go to the current monster discussion topic and paste the link in. Also if you come across a dead beastie let us know and well remove it.

Thirdly, this means you MUST save the timer for the group no popping a green serpent to see if you can solo it!!!!! This will also give us max loot FYI 25 dragon kills = 31 favor points.

The dragon/serpent achievement is 100,000 min damage so when you hit 100,000 damage move on to another dragon/serpent there’s 46 of us this shouldn’t be hard to knock out a bunch a day.

Move onto part 2

Part 2 achievements for battling.

First off get your blessings daily, I would suggest rotate till you open all of the beginning demi quests, why, because they are 3-4 energy each, true they don’t yield xp (experience points) but they yield stat points!!!!!! More stat points = more stamina = more goodies

When you battle that’s an extra 10 demipoints per god/goddess plus the rewards are better weapons/ soldiers and yes eventually you can buy magic!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s 50 stam to do all 50 battles but at 1000 invasions won that’s 26 favor point’s sounds like a lot but it goes by quick.

Part 3 omg alchemy

If everyone send a gift to each other that’s 46 gifts a day roughly. 100 alchemy’s = 26 favor points. If you rotate the goodies say day 1 is a serpent egg then make day 2 a mystery treasure. Don’t just keep sending the same gift to the subgroup members over and over again.

In the whole process you will gain favor points stats and goodies!

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