Skaar Deathrune

Please make sure to check Our Boss Rules and the Special Monster Schedule before requesting to summon.

If you can summon a Skaar or Lotus, contact: Phil

Summoned by: Complete the boss quest in Underworld Realm (Confrontation) and receive as a quest item, at a 100% chance per attempt, the Orb of Skaar Deathrune. Go to the Keep/Alchemy tab and there will be a recipe that contains only the Orb to summon Skaar Deathrune to fight. The battle begins immediately and can only be joined by 220 players total (all in the same army as the summoner).


Needed to Summon:
Orb of Skaar Deathrune

Do Not Post a Call to Arms
Circulate the Call to Arms Link within Nymph's Champions

Health: ~
Max Players: 220
Max 90+ Players: 70

Common/Uncommon Drops:
Favor Points
Demi Points

Rare Drops:
Deathrune Blade
Helm of Fear
Soul Catcher
Hands of Darkness
Hellkite Minion

Epic Chance Drops:
Deathrune Hellplate [18a/27d] [Best Armor Set]
Deathrune Signet
Hellslayer Knight

Epic Summoner Drops:

Siege Weapons:

Weapon Needed Asists Estimated Damage
elvenranger.gif Elven Rangers 30 6,600,000
orderofmages.gif Order of Mages 60 8,250,000
valerianknights.gif Valerian Knights 90 9,900,000
elderdragon.gif Elder Dragon 120 13,200,000
phoenix.gif Phoenix 200 16,500,000


DISPEL MAGIC, then ATTACK. If Skaar's Mana Forcefield is full, you will not be able to damage Skaar. If Skaar's Mana Forcefield is depleted, you can kill him. As you attack him he replenishes His Mana Forcefield so you will have to keep depleting the forcefield. A higher player Defense stat will allow you to dispel more magic.

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