Subgroup of the Month/Quarter Competition

We are planning on making a Subgroup of the Month/Quarter Competition … but we need help figuring out How the competition will be …. So read thro both Ideas and take the Poll …. =)

Subgroup of the Month Idea

This competition will last for one week and will have 3 rounds to this competition … All of these attacks will happen around 6pm EST(GMT -5).
First round …
We will summon 2 Battle of the Dark Legions … There will be 5 subgroups Per Battle … The First 5 to take down their Dark Legion will move on to round 2.
Second Round ….
Each of the 5 subgroups that made it through round one will get one of every Dragon/Serpent … This will be a 4 day thing … the first day the subgroups will get one Emerald Dragon and One Emerald Sea Serpent … The Second Day they will get a Frost Dragon and a Sapphire Sea Serpent … The Third Day a Gold Dragon and an Amethyst Sea Serpent … and the Fourth Day Ancient Red Dragon and Sea Serpent … The First 3 to take down all of their Dragons and Serpents the fastest on each day will move on to round 3.
Last and Final Round …
Each of the 3 Finalists will get one Keira and one Lotus …. The first subgroup to take down both the fastest will be declared Subgroup of the Month

Subgroup of the Quarter Idea

For the first nine weeks, we will hold a round robin tournament, with each subgroup getting a red dragon to slay. The times would be compared and a winner would be announced. At the end of the nine weeks, the rankings would then be determined by the group’s won-loss record. The best would be the first “seed”, the second best record would be the second “seed”, etc. Any ties would be decided by how many participants from each group participated, the group that used the least number of people, wins the tie. These first rounds would be held on the same day, at the same time each week.
In the next three weeks, there would be a single elimination tournament using a bracket system, with the first seed getting the first week off. For this tournament, the first three rounds would use a different colored serpent each week (first week, sapphire, second week, amethyst, the third week red). The winners of each round would advance to the next round. Then, in the finals, the last two groups standing would have a Lotus to slay, with the best time winning.
After this first round robin, then we could use your place in the last finals to determine your seeding in the next one, thus making it a three week tourny instead of 12.

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