Subgroup Rules

You can only be a member of ONE subgroup.
How to Join a Subgroup
*Note: the emerald dragon subgroup does not count as a subgroup so if you are level 1-25 in castle age you will have 2 subgroups.

If you have added yourself to a summoner’s list:
DO NOT sign up to summon another monster without finding out where you are on the first list.
Let your subgroup leader know if/when you sign up to summon a Hydra, Lotus, or Keira, and your position on that summoner’s list.

Once you defeat a Dragon/Serpent a 72 hour timer begins before you can summon another one. When signing up to summon a Dragon or Serpent make sure that you have not summoned a dragon or a serpent the three days prior to signing up and DO NOT summon until your subgroup coordinator asks you to.

Frost Dragons, Gold Dragons, and Ancient Red Dragons and Emerald Sea Serpents, Sapphire Sea Serpents, Amethyst Sea Serpents, and Ancient Red Sea Serpents are for the individual subgroups.
If, at the end of the first 24 hours, they are still alive, they will be shared with the other subgroups.


If your subgroup does not have a dragon/serpent to fight …
Contact your subgroup administrator, Timothy, and Nymph.
Every effort will be made to get a dragon summoned and posted, ASAP.

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